I designed this game to create a fun recreational math activity that families could enjoy at the dinner table. This game might also be fun for the elderly looking to exercise their minds. My hope is that in playing this game that math phobia might be peeled away layer by layer. Too many students in school do not like math -- yet, math can be very playful and enjoyable. Parents could use help in bringing the playfulness of math to children. 

The original "Pairs Math Game" was designed for middle school students, but I have since made versions of this game that is better suited to young children -- ages 4, 5, 6. In the game titled, "For the Little Ones," ask children to find the 2, and then the 3, and then the 4, etc.

My hope is that the math games on this web site can make their way to children in hospital, recovering from surgery. Having a fun math activity can provide a "cognitive solace." Similarly, I hope these games can make their way to refugee camps and to anyone experiencing dislocations. If you can assist in helping to make that happen, I'd be so grateful. "I am because we are." Ubuntu. 

Further news about this project will be appearing here.